Top night clubs in Canada

Night clubs are located on almost every street in Canada, and all have their specialities for their customers. Some of them are great to have fun in, while others are simply legendary. Here are some of the most fantastic night clubs to party in within Canada.

5. Rebel

This night club is located at 11 Polson Street, Toronto. It is owned by the Powerhouse Corporation and operated by 1NK Entertainment. It was first known as Docks Night Club and Concert Theater from 1996 to 2007. It then changed to Sound Academy from 2007 to 2016. It was later renovated in 2016 and changed to Rebel Night Club.

Rebel Night Club is now also an entertainment complex. It has a setting similar to the one which was used as a set in a James Bond casino scene creation. The entertainment complex is well known for hosting concerts in Canada. The club holds a capacity of up to 2500 persons.

4. The Hifi Club

The Hifi Club is located in the Downtown, Beltline district in Calgary. The club pleases its customers with an art gallery and live music. The live music makes it great for the nighttime hours in the club. It is well known for incredible party scenes and for the art community. The club also has a made-to-measure sound system perfectly made for it. There is a theatrical stage which is suitable for different types of performances in the club. It has a capacity of 200 persons.

3. El Convento Rico

El Convento Rico is to be found at 750 College Street, Toronto. The club has a buddy-buddy mixed colossal crowd. There is also a Latino themed dance club. There is an offer of salsa lessons to its customers for free every Friday night. The club also hosts drag shows every Friday and Saturday night.

2. Stereo Night Club

Stereo Night Club is an after-hours club in Montreal, Quebec. The nightclub follows a house music theme. It features techno music and a lot of house music typically. The club ensures that the after-hours quarter is usually open every Friday and Saturday.

1. Ariius Night Club

This night club is one of a kind, as it offers a superb, distinguished, world-class experience to its customers. The club is also a premium night spot. It provides select settings to its esteemed VIPs. The club also hosts big DJ names who are also given extravagant settings to enjoy.

Customers are encouraged to dazzle in their attire to quickly get into the club. This is because the Ariius Night Club is a place where one needs to stand out and be seen. The club is also available for booking private functions during its non-operational hours.