Famous canadian DJs

Canada is an entertainment hub whose disc jockey skills have been placed in the center of the entertainment spectrum. Here is a list of the top six most famous Canadian DJs of all time. They include highly prominent entertainers in the disc jockey field with a reputation of performing in some of the biggest venues. The list of famous Canadian DJs is long, with big names like the famous Russell Peters and Peaches.


DJ DVBBS, aka DUBBS, is a household name in the Canadian disc jockey sphere. This brotherly duo has a colorful background, just like their music. What makes this duo unstoppable is their eclectic pairing of raucous and up-tempo sound, which is also mixed with strands of bass and electro.

Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin painted his legacy on the electronic music scene and cannot be overlooked when such lists are compiled. He has a number of textural, rolling and exceptional genre releases and outstanding live shows. He is the technological musical maestro in regards to innovative disk jockeying.

Two things make this man a legend; he is a hit maker and a label owner who has a significant impact in the Canadian entertainment spectrum.

DJ Swivel

DJ Swivel has not only won a Grammy, but has also worked with prominent names in the entertainment industry, like Beyoncé. He also worked with Kanye West, Jay Z, Fabulous and many others. He has a contemporary urban mix that blends well with millennials, hence making him famous and loved. When the list of top DJs is made, Swivel is definitely the one who takes the top slots on the billing scale.

Josh Dolgin

Josh Dolgin, aka DJ So-Called, is famous for blending his klezmer mix with hip hop to create an electric combination. His styles are folk music and drum & bass. He is also good at playing the accordion and the piano. Josh Dolgin has worked with famous Canadian and international artists, like Chilly Gonzales, Fred Wesley and many more.


Joel Zimmerman is quite a peculiar character who doesn’t love the tag DJ, even though he is considered one of the most prominent Canadian DJs. He dislikes the term because he thinks it is an outdated and unattractive way to describe his marvelous work. What makes him outstanding is his inventory style of mixing and disc jockeying.


There is no one quite like EXCISION- a twisting virtual apocalypse that has mastered the morphing sounds that will turn the large crowd he attracts into absolute chaos, but in a fun way.

Canada has a list of 100s of disc jockeys, but the ones listed above have international acclaim to their names. While some have won prestigious accolades, others built a name for themselves by working with famous international artists.