Bottle/VIP Service

Canada is known as the second biggest country in the world and popularly known for its hyped nightlife, as well as the vast entertainment scene. Like many countries across the globe, the cities in Canada come to life in the dark of the night. There are countless bars and clubs which revelers can explore throughout the evening. Depending on personal preference, some entertainment joints will hold a small group of 25 individuals while others hold groups of up to 1000 people.

Top Cities

Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver are among the top cities known for the best nightlife in Canada. Although Canada has a drinking age limit of 21 years, youths aged between 18 and 21 can access entertainment joints. However, they aren’t allowed to drink alcohol.

Different joints have various regulations, including allowing anyone older than 16 years with an adult to consume alcohol. Entertainment joints vary from dance/DJ clubs, bars, pubs, theatres, and strip clubs. There is nothing as exciting as VIP service in a club, especially if you are having a special occasion, celebrating a birthday, hosting a bachelor party, bidding a college farewell or merely entertaining friends.

VIP Areas

The beauty of securing a VIP area in a club is that high rollers get a VIP treatment, not in terms of the privacy you enjoy, but also for additional perks. One of the perks of being in a VIP area in the club is requesting bottle service. The main idea of bottle service is to get exclusive service in the VIP lounge. So how exactly do you ask for bottle service?

To get bottle service in a VIP lounge in a night club in Canada, you simply have to book in advance with details of the preferred package, the specific date you want to party and a guest list.

With being on a guest list, apart from also being in a secluded area, you get to skip right past the long queue of revelers to access the club.

Bottle Service

As the term bottle service suggests, you get to enjoy your own “bottle guy” to mix up those unique cocktails, serve your favorite wines and spirits; simply grab your rounds of beers and just keep up with your partying bills. If you have been to the club previously, you can actually request for your favorite mixologist.

Dependent on several factors, entertainment joints have a set limit or price on expenditure in terms of alcoholic drinks, which those in VIP areas must spend. With this service, you can request the presence of a celebrity or musician or a DJ just for your entertainment. This may be part of the bottle service package or at times require you to part with a few extra dollars. You just need be smart and maximize on whatever bottle service the night club offers.