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After a long period of toiling, a good session of partying is always deserved. Letting your hair down and shaking a leg in a nightclub helps you recharge in readiness for another round of the hustle. For this reason, it is important that you stay abreast of the happenings in the party scene.

Good knowledge of what is happening in the best nightclubs can help you choose the spot that befits your partying mood. Thankfully, there is no shortage of great clubs in Canada. Even better is that this site is dedicated to scouring these clubs in order to keep you in the know. Welcome to ClubXS, a site that has you sorted in all matters clubbing in Canada.

Top Clubs in Canada

This section looks at the best clubs that you can find anywhere in the country. It touches on the type of music you will find in such clubs, themes for different nights, patron capacity and the things that make them so popular. Get in for some of the biggest spots you would like to sample on a tour of the country.

Top Clubs in Montreal

In this section, the site narrows down to a more specific review of nightclubs. Montreal is a lively city with a vibrant club scene and really friendly people. The section lists exquisite joints where you can hang out in Montreal, both as a visitor and as a dweller.

Top Clubs in Vancouver

Vancouver is another city where the party never stops. People come from across the country and even beyond its borders to have a good time here. It is home to some of the best clubs in the country, the cream of which is listed in this section.

Ordering Bottle and VIP Service

Going to a club is not just enough; it is important that you also know how to get the best experience when you do. Having VIP treatment is the perfect way to achieve this. You can take the little annoying club practices out of your way with VIP engagement.

Bottle service will help you skip items like having to wait for ages to get served or queuing for hours to get into a club. You do not have to sit in confined spaces either. This section gives you a heads up on the best ways that you can go about enjoying bottle service.

Famous Canadian DJs

Who makes the entertainment scene come to life? DJs of course! A nightspot’s vibrancy largely depends on the ability of its DJ to hype the crowd. This section lists some of the Canadian DJs you may want to follow around if you intend to have a good party; the big names who do magic with music.

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